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Pagan Muses was originally founded as a social forum in September of 2016. The Pagan Muses social forum serves as a gathering place for Practitioners of all paths, as well as a forum for in-depth discussions.

Since inception, Pagan Muses has grown from one social forum into a family of social forums, connecting Practitioners of all paths worldwide. And you are more than welcome to join the family!

Pagan Muses is a wonderful Family of Groups where everyone is welcome share their paths and practices, as well as tips and tricks that one has discovered while on their exciting spiritual journey. 

Below are the names and descriptions of a few of the Groups from Pagan Muses' Directory of Social Forums.


Muses of the Arcana

About this Server: “This Server is where Practitioners of all paths can gather around the hearth and discuss their path and practices.”

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Group(s) by Pagan Muses

Pagan Muses: The Spiritual Hearth

About this Group: “This Group serves as a gathering place for Practitioners of Magic(k)/Witches and Pagans of all paths, as well as a forum for in-depth discussions.

Pagan Muses is a place to learn and to teach, a place to discuss and to enjoy.

Have you already been called by your Muse? Well, then teach what you have learned here!

Are you still searching for inspiration and/or enlightenment? We hope that you find what you’ve been searching for here. We here at Pagan Muses are always more than happy to assist you!

In this Group, you can:
ღ Meet and interact with like-minded individuals.
ღ Share and discuss your path, practice(s), and experience(s).
ღ Explore, share, and discuss rituals, spells, and magic(k) in general.
ღ Share tips and tricks that you have discovered while on your magic(k)al journey.
ღ Express yourself without fear of judgement."

Group Link:

Paths of the Earth: Druidry, Green Witchery and Nature Spirituality

About this Group: “Is your calling Green or Hedge Witchery? Or perhaps your calling is Druidry, Animism, or another nature-based Path…

In this Group, Members are welcome to share and discuss the various aspects of the Green Paths, otherwise known as Nature-Based, or Earth-Centered Paths.

Practitioners of all Paths are warmly welcome.”

Group Link:

The Witch’s Hearth: Kitchen Witchery and Ancient Alchemy

About this Group: “This is the Witch’s Hearth and Home! This Group is where you can share and discuss crafts and recipes of all kinds! Here is where you can also share tips and tricks for adding a little bit of magic(k) to each day. Posts pertaining to rituals and spellwork are welcome!

Pictures and videos are also welcome!

Practitioners and Pagans of all Paths are warmly welcome.”

Group Link: 

Tehomot: Jewish Folk Tradition, Mysticism, and Spirituality

About this Group: “The focus of this Group is to discuss Judaism, Jewish Spirituality, Mysticism, Folk Traditions (Divination, Witchcraft, and more!), as well as Jewish Polytheism.

This Group serves as a place where all who practice and all who may be interested in these Paths can come together to share about their Paths and practices. This is a place of discussion, it is a place of learning, and a place for all to enjoy.

All Practitioners are warmly welcome!”

Group Link:


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