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Apothecary Procurement and Special Orders

Apothecary Procurement and Special Orders

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If there is a product in our Apothecary that is of interest to you, but currently not available for purchase, please submit this procurement/special order request. 

In the Notes Section at checkout, please provide a list of the items you would like us to procure/special order for you.

Should we require additional information, we will contact you. Please be sure to provide valid contact information at checkout. 

When it comes to procurement, we work diligently to procure all of the desired items, if we are able.

We are also dedicated to keeping our Clients informed every step of the way.

Key steps in the procurement/special order process:

  • When we have confirmed product availability and pricing (if applicable), we will contact you via e-mail. 
  • If product availability has been confirmed, we will keep you apprised as to when we have procured the item(s), including an estimated timeframe for when the item(s) will be available for purchase, and next steps.
  • If we are unable to procure the item(s), recommendations for substitutions (if applicable), and next steps. 


  • This is for procurement requests/special orders only. 
  • The payment collected now is for the deposit, as we require a deposit for all procurement requests/special orders, and does not reflect the total amount that is currently or will be due. 
  • The deposit will be applied to the total amount due and an invoice will be generated for the balance remaining. 
  • The order will be parceled up and shipped when the invoice has been paid.
  • Procurement services are not eligible for return or refund, as per our Policy.

* Herbal products are measured and sold by the ounce (unless stated otherwise).

** This is for requests from our Apothecary only. All other product procurement/special order requests may be submitted via our general product procurement/special order request

*** Be advised, Arcana reserves the right to decline or refuse to fulfill a request for procurement/special order for any reason.

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