Cosmic Crystals Rewards

Earn Rewards

Earn five (5) cosmic crystals for every dollar you spend!

You can also earn cosmic crystals in the following ways: 

  • Signing up for our e-mails
  • Birthdays (in honor of your very special day, our gift to you is 500 cosmic crystals!)
  • Following us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) 

Redeem Rewards

You can choose how you would like to redeem your cosmic crystals. 

Cosmic crystals may be redeemed on products and services. 

And the best part? Your cosmic crystals never expire! 

Referral Rewards 

Refer a friend and earn a $10.00 (USD) discount when they make their first purchase!

Program Eligibility 

  • Only retail clients are eligible to participate in rewards. We are unable to offer this program to wholesale clients at this time. 
  • Clients must hold an account with us in order to participate. 

To join our rewards program, click on the Cosmic Crystals Rewards button located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. 

We reward with Smile.