As a Jewish femme-owned business, Tzedakah is a Mitzvah (meaning “Commandment” in Hebrew, but often refers to a Good Deed) of great importance to us. 

Tzedakah is the process of charitable giving, and it is our wish to dedicate funds to Charitable Organizations working to make the world a better place.

Tzedakah: Our Process and How You Can Be Involved

We offer a variety of products, divination and ritual services. We also offer select products and services as a means of giving back to the Community.

If you wish to give back to the Community, please consider making a purchase from our Tzedakah Collection. 

Fifty percent of the proceeds from our Tzedakah Collection are allocated to our Tzedakah Fund.

Contributions to our Tzedakah Fund are accrued each month.

At the closing of each month, we distribute the funds held in our Tzedakah Fund to our Trusted Agent.

Our Trusted Agent then donates those funds, on our behalf, to the Charitable Organization(s) selected from the Tzedakah Pool.

We feel that this charity structure best assures the anonymity of our donations, as anonymous giving is one of the highest forms of Tzedakah. 

Tzedakah Fund

Our Tzedakah Fund was established as a means of giving back to the Community. Contributions to this Fund will be donated to a Charitable Organization selected from the Tzedakah Pool.

Tzedakah Pool

Charitable Organizations in the Tzedakah Pool are known for concentrating their efforts in one of the following areas:

  • providing educational, vocational, or humanitarian resources to those in need,
  • animal welfare,
  • the conservancy of nature and wildlife.

Note: The Charitable Organizations in the Tzedakah Pool have all been researched extensively, and we are confident that all distributions/donations made from the Tzedakah Fund will be allocated appropriately.

Tzedakah Collection

Our Tzedakah Collection includes handmade products, as well as select divination services. 

Currently, our Treble Tarot Readings and select Kesharim are available for purchase. 

Ritual oils, salts, candles, and kame'ot will be coming soon!

If interested in purchasing a product or service from our Tzedakah Collection, please click here

Any and all questions regarding Tzedakah, the Tzedakah Pool, Tzedakah Fund, or Tzedakah Collection may be submitted via our Contact Form