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Kesharim are Jewish bundle amulets. Kesharim in Hebrew is often translated to "knots" or "garlands". Kesharim are referenced in the Talmud, Shabbat 66b:6 - Shabbat 66b:10. Most often, they are interpreted as being akin to medicine pouches or sachets. 

Amulets, in general, are also traditionally referred to as kame'ot (singular form: kame'a) in Hebrew.  In Yiddish, we would call them beyteles (singular: beytele), and in Ladino, they're referred to as bulsikas (singular: bulsika).

Kesharim can be used for various kavanot. Kavanah in Hebrew is often translated to "intention". Kavanot being the plural form of kavanah.

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