Arcana is a Jewish femme-owned Boutique for all of your spiritual and metaphysical needs!


  • Intuitive and personalized tarot card reading services, as well as other divination services. 
  • Metaphysical and curiosities procurement.

Our Story:

Arcana is a Division of Kol Tehomot, a Jewish femme-owned Business.

Kol Tehomot was originally founded as a social forum named Pagan Muses in September of 2016. The Pagan Muses social forum continues to serve as a gathering place for Practitioners of all paths, as well as a forum for in-depth discussions. And you are more than welcome to join! It is a wonderful Group where everyone is welcome share their paths and practices, as well as tips and tricks that one has discovered while on their exciting spiritual journey. 

Since inception, Pagan Muses has grown from one social forum into a family of social forums, connecting Practitioners of all paths worldwide. 

In June of 2018, Pagan Muses grew from a family of social forums into a business, offering a variety of divination and ritual services. 
For more information about social forums or services offered, visit Pagan Muses' Website: https://www.PaganMuses.com

In March of 2019, our Leadership made the decision that a change in business structure would be best suited to open a Boutique. We officially became a Limited Liability Company in June of 2019, and the Boutique, Arcana, was born!

For information regarding Business Operations, please click here.