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Blackthorn's Protection Magic

Blackthorn's Protection Magic

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Amy Blackthorn guides readers through the realm of the green witch to a glade filled with options for your protection. 

The author discusses spiritual, emotional, and physical security in an easy-to-understand way.

The book provides an overview of what protection means to witches and then explores practices in more depth, including using essential oils for protection magic, the role plant allies play in both protecting and healing, what astrology and tarot teach us about our strengths and weaknesses, and oracle spell work as a potent source of protection.

As a witch who worked in executive security for nearly fifteen years, the author possesses the botanical spirit of an animist witch, able to see the inherent spirit in plants, as well as a keen eye on ways to make a home feel safer and more secure, on the magical and the mundane levels. For example, holly trees provide magical protection from lightning, but also make a prickly barrier outside the home to keep burglars from lurking in the shadows.

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