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Magic of the Sword of Moses

Magic of the Sword of Moses

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Magic of the Sword of Moses by Harold Roth. 

The Sword of Moses is one of the earliest Jewish magic books, which describes a rite for adjuring angels to assist in controlling and wielding the "Sword of Moses" for magical purposes.

The rite involves a short period of purification and then the adjuring of four sets of angels, each higher than the last.

These angels in turn give the magician the power to control the Sword through a series of divine names that work as magical spells.

The spells, 137 in all, have a wide variety of uses, including healing, harm, love, sex, exorcising demons, divination, and more.

This work was first translated by Moses Gaster in 1896, but he removed many of the spells, making the text unusable for magic. 

The Magic of the Sword of Moses is the first book to show in detail, exactly how a magician can use the Sword—how to do the purification ritual, adjure the angels, and pronounce and use the divine names for each spell.

Disclaimer: While non-Jewish practitioners may find this book to be of interest, we do ask that you please be mindful. This is an offering for Jewish practitioners. 

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