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Mini Free-Cast Style Oracle Reading

Mini Free-Cast Style Oracle Reading

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The style of the reading is free-form. Your oracle reading can consist of a spread that is anywhere between two to three cards.

This style generally allows for a more free-flowing interpretation.

In such a reading, each card drawn adds more depth, or layers of meaning. As such, each card represents a piece of the overall puzzle and equally contributes to finding the answer that the Querent is seeking.

In the Notes Section at checkout, please detail your query or whether you are looking for a general oracle card reading. If you have a specific query, please ensure that your query is clear and concise before submission. 

You will receive an e-mail with a transcript of your reading, including a photograph of the cards. 

Note: Divination services (such as tarot and oracle readings) are not eligible for return or refund, as per our Policy.

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