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Custom Design for Abundance Cheques

Custom Design for Abundance Cheques

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Abundance cheques, also referred to as prosperity cheques, are blank cheques that may be used as an aid in manifestation. 

Abundance cheques may be placed somewhere safe, like in a lockbox, or displayed somewhere you can see every day, like on your bedroom mirror. 

When filling out your cheque, remember to: 

  • Select a date and write it in. This date can be any date of your choosing. You can even use "Now" or "Today" if you wish. 
  • Write in the desired dollar amount in the designated box and on the designated line, just as you would with an ordinary cheque. 
  • Write the intention of your manifestation in the "Memo". 

Product Details:

  • Book of six (6) cheques to aid in the manifesting of prosperity and abundance.
  • Custom design and field(s) of interest.


  • This listing is for a custom eBook (PDF) of cheques. 
  • Please detail your desired custom design and fields in the Notes Section at checkout.
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