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Divination Dictionary: A Beginner's Guide to Fortune-Telling

Divination Dictionary: A Beginner's Guide to Fortune-Telling

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Author Lilian Verner-Bonds aims to assist new practitioners of magic tap into their intuition—and empower themselves.

The author explains the rich heritage associated with the art of divination and shows you how to interpret your own future, and that of your friends. 

This book is meant to serve as a guide to over 40 divination methods ranges from the familiar—astrology, palmistry, tarot—to the more unusual, including cephalomancy (skull reading) and tea-leaf reading.

It is encouraged to begin by understanding the truths our own bodies tell us through such methods as psychic drawing and oneirology (the study of dreams), and then move on to telling fortunes from nature (including omens and augury), reading objects (pendulum divination and scrying), and revelations of the random (runes, the I Ching, casting dice).

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