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Etz Chaim

Etz Chaim

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Etz Chaim in Hebrew means "Tree of Life". A symbol of life and its cycle, wisdom, and spirituality. It represents family, community, and continuity. 

This spread may be utilized for a thorough review of one's life and the year to come. It is particularly useful for those who are seeking opportunities for growth in life, especially on a spiritual level. 

The Diviner will interpret each card in their respective position and tie the cards together for a true comprehensive reading. During the reading, the Diviner analyzes how each card connects to the others in the spread and thoroughly studies the dynamics between the cards.

You will receive an e-mail with a transcript of your reading, including a photograph of the cards. 

Note: Divination services (such as tarot and oracle readings) are not eligible for return or refund, as per our Policy.

* While the Tree of Life is a Tarot Spread that is commonly used by Diviners, this spread is interpreted through a Jewish lens, and is, therefore, part of the Yehudi Heritage Tarot Spreads by Tora.

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