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Kesharim, Tzedakah Edition

Kesharim, Tzedakah Edition

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Gems, herbs and spices are intently selected and blended together to create magical kesharim that one may carry with them or display in the home. 

Product Details: 

  • Cotton fabric 
  • Organic and/or wildcrafted herbs and spices 
  • Natural gems
  • Blend varies based on the kavanah of the kesher
  • Red thread used to enclose the kesher

Kesharim for Tzedakah are specially made. Unlike the kesharim in our other collections, gems are included in the blend for kavanah augmentation. 

Note: The processing time for kesharim is three (3) weeks. This ensures that they are properly infused. 

* Due to product availability, the fabric used for creating each kesher may vary. 

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