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Afikomen Matzah: "You Found Me!" Pesach Sticker

Afikomen Matzah: "You Found Me!" Pesach Sticker

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"You Found Me!" a Cute Akifomen Matzah! 

The Afikomen is created as part of the Pesach Seder known as "Yachatz", or the ritual of breaking the middle matzah. We put one half back, in between the top and bottom matzot on the table, while the second half is hidden to be found later as the afikomen.

Yachatz represents the brokenness and wholeness in our lives, and the Seder cannot be concluded until the Afikomen is found, typically by the youngest in attendance.

Perfect for phone cases, laptops, notebooks, planners, and more! 

You can even place this on your Akifomen cover so your little ones can have a present for finding it!

Product Details: 

  • Size: 1.5 x 3.25 inches 
  • Made of high-quality vinyl 

Artisan Atara Sarina

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