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Of Blood and Bones

Of Blood and Bones

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Of Blood and Bones by Kate Freuler. 

Shadow magic(k) occupies a critical, but often misunderstood role in the rich history of witchcraft.

This book explores topics such as the ethical use of animal parts and bones, blood magic(k), dark moon energy, and other rarely discussed aspects of witchcraft.

With a focus on ethically sourcing materials and suggestions for plant-based substitutions, the author provides much-needed information and hands-on techniques to help you strengthen your witchcraft practice, connect to nature, protect yourself (and your kith and kin), and know yourself in a deep way.

Within these pages, you will also discover methods for hexing, scrying, sex magic(k), and working with dark deities in addition to the magic(k)al use of graveyard dirt and performing spells to assist the crossing of a dying loved ones. 

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